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Forex CFD

The Forex market provides traders the opportunity to trade 24 hours a day, 5 days a week in the world’s most liquid financial market. Traders can take advantage of the tightest spreads, superior execution, and deep liquidity across 43 currency pairs.

Foreign exchange trading involves trading one currency pair against another, predicting that one currency will rise or fall against another.

Example: Euro versus the US Dollar (EUR/USD).

Forex Trading Examples


The price of EUR/USD represents the amount of $USD that can be exchanged for €1.
EUR/USD = 1.09104
This means that currently, €1 is equal to USD $1.09104

The price of the Euro against the US Dollar (EUR/USD) is 1.09104 and you decide to buy 1 standard lot (the equivalent of €100,000) at 1.09104 (the current buy price).

One hour later the price has moved to 1.10104 in your favour.​
This gives you a profit of USD $1000

How to calculate:

Current buy price at 1.09104
€100,000 x 1.09104 = USD $109,100

Closing price at 1.10104
€100,000 x 1.10104 = USD $110,100

Your profit
([€100,000 x 1.09104] – [€10,0000 x 1.10104]) = USD $1,000

Forex Spreads

The most popular Froex pairs involve major global currencies and experience the highest trading volumes and liquidity.

*MIN : minimum  |  *AVG : average

ProductRaw ECNRaw Standard
AUDUSDAustralian Dollar vs United States Dollar0.
EURUSDEuro vs United States Dollar0.
GBPUSDBritish Pound vs United States Dollar0.
USDCADUnited States Dollar vs Canadian Dollar0.
USDCHFUnited States Dollar vs Swiss Franc0.
USDJPYUnited States Dollar vs Japanese Yen0.
AUDCADAustralian Dollar vs Canadian Dollar0.
AUDCHFAustralian Dollar vs Swiss Franc0.
AUDJPYAustralian Dollar vs Japanese Yen0.
AUDNZDAustralian Dollar vs New Zealand Dollar0.
CADCHFCanadian Dollar vs Swiss Franc0.
CADJPYCanadian Dollar vs Japanese Yen0.
CHFJPYSwiss Franc vs Japanese Yen0.
EURAUDEuro vs Australian Dollar0.
EURCADEuro vs Canadian Dollar0.
EURCHFEuro vs Swiss Franc0.
EURGBPEuro vs British Pound0.
EURJPYEuro vs Japanese Yen0.
EURNOKEuro vs Norwegian Kroner0.
EURNZDEuro vs New Zealand Dollar0.
EURSEKEuro vs Swedish Krona0.
EURTRYEuro vs Turkish Lira0.
GBPAUDBritish Pound vs Australian Dollar0.
GBPCADBritish Pound vs Canadian Dollar0.
GBPCHFBritish Pound vs Swiss Franc0.
GBPJPYBritish Pound vs Japanese Yen0.
GBPNZDBritish Pound vs New Zealand Dollar0.
NZDCADNew Zealand Dollar vs Canadian Dollar0.
NZDJPYNew Zealand Dollar vs Japanese Yen0.
NZDUSDNew Zealand Dollar vs United States Dollar0.
SGDJPYSingapore Dollar vs Japanese Yen0.
USDCNHUnited States Dollar vs Chinese RMB0.
USDHKDUnited States Dollar vs Hong Kong Dollar0.
USDMXNUnited States Dollar vs Mexican Peso0.
USDNOKUnited States Dollar vs Norwegian Kroner0.
USDSEKUnited States Dollar vs Swedish Krona0.
USDSGDUnited States Dollar vs Singapore Dollar0.
USDTHBUnited States Dollar vs Thai Baht0.
USDTRYUnited States Dollar vs Turkish Lira0.
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